Options for your Shedfast Shed Kit

There are primary options to choose for installation and also optional extras that can be added to your Shedfast Shed.

Sizes & Colour Selection

Standard sizes and Colorbond® Colours

Anchoring Selection

Select anchor type for you shed

Shedfast Gutter System

Unique to Shedfast this gutter system is easy to install and allow you to control or harvest rainwater from the roof.

Side Walls

Side walls available for different applications from partial to full covered.

Integrated End Wall

End walls to suit Shedfast shed kits can assist with stopping wind & rain through the structure and also provide more stability and privacy.


High quality solar lighting for sheds, yards, paths and more.

Why Choose Shedfast?

With Shedfast you get Australian workmanship using Australian steel products and engineer certified peace of mind so you know it will last.  Easy to erect and can control water runoff.


What You Get With Shedfast

With Shedfast you get personalised service from a 100% Australian small business using the highest quality components that give you ‘Australia’s Toughest Shade Shed’.

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