The Atlas Series Solar Street Light combines beautiful aesthetics with outstanding performance. It has a battery lifespan of over eight years, a simple installation process and seven to ten nights of lighting, even on low charge days. It has three modes of lighting and a motion sensor built in. It’s all you need in a solar light.

Suitable for parks, pools, community centres, bicycle ways, carparks or in places where no grid power is available

With nine models to choose from there's an Atlas to suit your needs.


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1. 7+ nights continuous lighting even on low charging days
2. Detachable battery pack and LED panel is designed for easy
3. 3 years product warranty (battery included)
4. Long lifespan of Li-ion battery 1500 cycles
5. Industry leading performance with OSRAM LED chip 160 lm/W
luminaire efficacy at 6000 K ± 500 K
6. Beam angle is 140 degree
7. High efficiency polycrystalline silicon solar panel
8. Smart control- integrated PIR sensor
9. The latest technology of ALS2.0 (Adaptive Lighting System)*+TCS
(Temperature Control System) *+VFT (Variable Frequency
10. 3 lighting modes suitable for various installation requirements