Mini flood light


A versatile solar light adaptable to many situations. The separate panel is connected by cable which allows illumination for under cover areas. This light has an indoor option enabling daytime use in sheds, remote workshops and remote clinics. There is an LED indicator for battery charge. The panel cable may be disconnected, and the light used as a portable lighting source.

Ideal for tradesman, farmers, landscapers and all remote locations where indoor or outdoor lighting is required.



  • Indoor & outdoor lighting selection with separate solar panel
  • LED indicator - battery capacity indicator
  • Brightness and lighting time adjustable by included remote controller
  • Panel can be disconnected to create a portable light
  • 5 models available
  • 12 month warranty

PA Door Light

Don’t be fooled by the Beetle’s small body. It is big on power.

Its cute body will fit beautifully above a personal access door or outside your home, while providing security and safety. A sensor means that you can set it so that it lights up when you need it and stays dim when you don’t, and its quality battery means that it will still be working for you after 7 cloudy days.


  • 7+ nights charge life
  • Proximity Sensor (PIR)
  • 3 setting options
  • 8 hour charge time
  • 4 W 400 lumens LED
  • 1 year warranty

Step Light

This reliable sold light is ideal for along walls, steps & pathways up to 1 metre. It simply turns on at dark and turns off at dawn with a minimum 3 nights running time.
Solid alloy construction makes a robust light which just works.